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Speak Out

A 'Teach through Phone' Initiative by Team Everest


What is Speak Out?

Speak Out is an initiative of Team Everest NGO where volunteers teach students through phone call to improve their communication skills. Volunteers will be tagged to a student to have 1-to-1 conversation. The idea behind speak out is that, when student practice English daily, they can improve on it! 

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Who are the Beneficiaries?

'I am the change scholarship' scholars.

‘I am the change scholarship' is an initiative of Team Everest NGO through which we provide scholarship for single parented and parentless students who are good at academics, financially challenged but willing to do their graduation.

Currently we have 400+ students as a part of this scholarship.
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How It Works?

  1. Two volunteers will be tagged to one student to have 1 - to - 1 conversation, where they will guide students through phone call to improve their English communication skills.
  2. Each volunteer will call the student on alternative days to have a 30 mins conversation.
  3. It is a 40 day program. So, each volunteer will be calling the student for 20 days.
  4. We have a dedicated curriculum for each Semester which can be accessed from our 'Speak Out' mobile app. It has 40 sessions and the volunteer need to complete 1 session every day.
  5. Volunteers have 9 different slots from 6AM to 9PM IST to pick and volunteer. Choose a time slot which suits you and start volunteering.

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